Milan Design Week 2019 | Isola Design District

Campidarte was born in Sardinia in 2012 as a laboratory and an artistic center, the result of the meeting

of various creative personalities who combined their idea of production in the same plot.

The desire to weave design and craftsmanship with nature, in addition to the desire to reinvent a new idea of work in a different place, were the engines that gave way to the process. The passion for research and our professional training has made us start from design to embrace the widest possible idea in the care and creation of the idea of the environment both conceiving a production in close connection with the space and realizing installations in line with the wishes of the client. We set ourselves the goal of reviving abandoned materials and industrial components from the old Campidarte business, our products tell quite well how much we believe in reuse.

Campidarte is also a reference point for cultural events concerning various fields, from music to cuisine. Operation made possible also by the amplitude of the spaces: Campi 'is made up of four redeveloped industrial sheds, on a plateau that extends over 16 hectares of land located in the Sardinian countryside.

The dimensions of the space, together with the profound interest, have made it possible to later create a special connection with the world of street art that gave birth to the project of artistic residences. There are many artists who have chosen Campi for a more or less long residence during which, inspired by the evocative environment and space, they have created their works: murals, sculptures and installations, thus transforming it into an open-air gallery.

We like to think of Campidarte as a constantly evolving reality, a forge, a laboratory, a place of exchange

and knowledge; a point of reference for artistic and productive realities both near and far, which gives them the opportunity to express themselves in close interaction with space and the environment.

We had the honor of meeting them and their amazing initiative and lovely home pieces and products in Milan Design Market during the past edition of the event.

Milan Design Week 2019 |Milan Design Market






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