Studio Coma, Marie Chevalier & Colombe Crouan

For Milan Design Market we develop a different concept every year to present the collection, last year we worked with Sven Jansse, a dutch architect creating Imaginary Landscapes, a dreamy abstract representation with architectural arches and relaxed colours, the effect was sort of hypnotic. For this years edition we teamed up with Studio Coma, a architecture and creative studio from France, integrated by Marie Chevalier and Colombe Crouan.

This year, Blank Hub chose the theme of «find the lost city» for Milan Design Market 2019 event. As we were looking for someone in capacity to give life to this idea by designing the scenographic panels of the venue, the graduation project of the two French architects, popped up after being published on different platforms. The graphic atmosphere of this project, entitled « Amatrice post-earthquake : A city to rehouse » matched with what the Blank Hub team was looking for, leading us to propose to the two architects a collaboration for the 2019 event of the Design Market.

Marie Chevalier and Colombe Crouan realized these graphic elements in order to illustrate their project of an alternative answer to the post natural disaster rehousing problematics. The two architects consider this theme a really current architectural and urban challenge, knowing that the amount of natural disasters increased more and more in recent years, including in Italy. The project approach was based on what could be the place of the architect face to these post disaster housing crisis.

They choose to focus on the Amatrice’s situation, after the city has been completely demolished in 2016. They proposed a re-housing project, taking into account the specificity and remarkable aspect of the Italian architectural heritage.

Marie Chevalier and Colombe Crouan designed a rehousing city, able to host the disaster victims in a really short time after the earthquake, but thought as the same time as a possibly long-term city, and not only as the temporary solution usually built. The architecture of the city is inspired by some symbolic architectural elements of the italian heritage, in order to keep a connexion between the destroyed city of Amatrice and the one where people will have to live for maybe the next decades, waiting for a complete reconstruction.

They decided to purpose a personal and fantasized vision of what rural Italy evokes to them. The choice of a pictorial language in their illustrations allowed them to not freeze the project in a particular temporality or falsified reality. It is almost impossible to anticipate how people will appropriate their new streets, places and all that composes the new town. In deciding to keep a certain distance with the stylistic realism of 3D’s perspective, they choose to remind the speculative character of their work and urge on the spectator’s imaginary to anticipate the future of the town.


Studio Coma




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