Imaginary Landscapes by Sven Jansse

The new edition of Milan Design Market 2019 is coming and here things are ramping up.

'Imaginary Landscapes by Sven Jansse' will be announcing this year architects!After the success of the last edition installation For now we want to leave you with a little retelling of the past edition and a few words on the architect.we decided to take this concept forward, from now on every year we will be collaborating with different architects from all over the world to create the set drawings of Milan Design Market exhibitions. During the next weeks we

If you were amongst our lucky attendants and visitors, you might remember the installation inside the space, more specifically how it looked like another space all along.

The use of 1:1 scale and perspective helped the people inside feel like they were entering a place only possible in dreams, with architectural arches and relaxed colours, the effect was sort of hypnotic, all these was achieved thanks to the architect, Sven Jansse.

A lot of hard work was needed to get the intended effect, we can just congratulate and admire Sven for what he accomplished here, getting all the angles and distance to look realistic and unrealistic was work of its own.

Now for the next edition we are working together with a new architects and we can't wait until we can show you guys the new installation, we intend to keep the same mood like the past edition but reimagine them as a different concept. Stay tuned for more news on the next edition of Milan Design Market

You can buy the prints of MDM2018 here

See the images from the Milan Design Market 2018 edition


Sven Jansse is an architect from the Netherlands that started his career in the Eindhoven University of Technology, after that going to KTH the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

He now works at his own studio, Image & Space, a Rotterdam based architecture studio operating along the edges of art, photography and design.

Sven Jansse currently holds teaching positions at TU Delft and the Maastricht Academy of Architecture.

He worked at: OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), KAAN Architecten, Powerhouse Company,


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